Stop Femicide !
Thursday, 09 May 2013
Minas was kidnapped last Saturday, on her way home to Az-Za’ayyem, three days before she was found dead. Minas was 21 years old.

Her father [rough translation from Palestine News – Moment by Moment] : “Minas was killed. … My daughter was kidnapped from the front of her house. … Minas was very calm, very polite, very honest, and would never hide anything from us. She’s 21, she finished high school. She didn’t go to university. She was eager to have her own income. So I made her work for one of my friends who has a shop for women’s items. My friend treated her as his daughter, she had no problems at all at her work. … She was never engaged as it was mentioned on several Facebook sites. … Minas was late half an hour. We got worried. We tried to contact her on her cell phone, but she never responded. We called everyone who knows her, but nobody knew anything. We used the GPS to locate her phone. It was apparent that she was still in the area of the house. We waited until 9 pm. We got very worried. I even called my friend, her employer, who said she had left at 6.30. We even asked the bus driver, who picked her up from Jerusalem [the place of her work], he said, he dropped her in front of the house. … We went back to the GPS. Where is she ? It said next to Al-Issawiyya … We went there. … and then we reported to the Israeli and Palestinian authorities about her disappearing. We needed a written permit from the Israeli police to search the area. We kept searching for her until 4 am. We felt like looking for a needle in a haystack. … We spent three days looking for her. We looked everywhere. Even with the Israeli police. But without success. … On Monday, the police asked us to open an investigation. … When we left around 3 pm, one of my friends from the Palestinian Authority called me, he said “There is news, but uncomfortable news. There’s a traffic jam on the Wadi Nar Road and there’s a body of a girl in her 20s.” He said, I should go to identify her. So I went. … They didn’t let me approach closely in order not to effect the crime scene. I insisted to see the girl. I looked at the corps … and I recognized her from her clothes, and from her shoes, and from her veil. She was thrown at the end of a deep valley. Her head was down. There were no signs of any rape, any burn, her clothes totally covered her. But her head was down, which led to a lot of bleeding. … We are waiting for the medical examination report to check the reason of her death. … I’m asking everyone and all the media agencies to stop speaking about my daughter’s reputation as she was a pure girl. I feel deeply sorry for our society that gossips about people’s reputation and speaks falsely about my daughter.”

We from Jerusalem Center for Women are shocked about Minas’ death !
We don’t know yet what really happened, but we dare to agree to the account that the young woman was murdered [Ma’an News Arabic titled “The Mystery of her Murder”].
Femicide is a serious crime, and particularly in this country, men get too easily away with it. In 2012, 13 Palestinian women were killed “for different reasons” [according to PCBS]. It’s reasonable to suspect that the actual number is significantly higher as some records have been modified to attribute femicides as “accidents”.
We women need to be safe ! We call to create the legal framework to protect women from femicide and any form of violence. We urgently appeal to the accurate and thorough investigation of cases of suspected and actual femicide and the essential law enforcement against the perpetrators.

In these days of mourning we stand with Minas’ family and sending our love and blessings.

Jerusalem Center for Women