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Tuesday, 06 November 2012

For the fifth time the Madaa Creative Center organized the "Run for Silwan" in which dozens of local and international activists participated. 

The runners, including people from European cities like Paris and Berlin, began the marathon at Rachel's Tomb.  From there they ran to the crossroads of Al Khalid-Thawry, then onto Jadid Gate, through the gates Soy al Amoud, al Sahira and al Asbat, and reached Silwan, where medals awaited them. The red t-shirts they wore were emblazoned with "Run for Silwan" and the flags carried the message "I love you Silwan". The athletes drew lots of attention as they were accompanied by Israeli police and intelligence forces.

Jawad Siyam, the director of Madaa, explained why this route near the military tower was chosen. They wanted to show the children how closely connected Bethlehem and Jerusalem were, despite the looming presence of the Separation Wall. Jawad went on to explain that another aim of the marathon was to highlight the difficulties faced by the children of Silwan who have lost their basic rights due to Israeli occupation. In order to educate people about the history and the oppression they face, information points were set up at al Thawry, Bab al Hadid and Bab al Asbat.



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