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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Consultancy service : External Evaluation

Evaluation of the Jerusalem Center for Women project : "Training of Trainers"

Jerusalem Center for Women is looking for an external independent evaluation to assess the development of the organizations project, "Training of Trainers".

JCW is looking for an evaluator (f/m) who has profound knowledge in the context of the occupied Palestinian territory, in community mobilization and development of grassroots organizations. A profound knowledge in gendered evaluations and strategic planning is also required.

Contract duration :

JCW will engage the services of an external consultant for a 15 day project evaluation.

Objectives of the external evaluator :

JCW sees this as a useful and necessary process in determining the successes and shortcomings of the project, as well as critically assessing the impact of the project vis-a-vis the intended objectives in the program plan of the current project cycle. The evaluation will serve the purpose of internal learning for the staff of JCW . The findings will also be central in determining key priorities and approaches for JCW's future work .

The Evaluator will :

(a)  Assess the current project, its strengths, weaknesses, relevance, efficiency and potential.
(b)  Assess the successes and challenges of the current project.
(c)  Assess how this project could be developed.
(d)  Assess JCW's organizational capacity to implement the project as planned. 
(e)  Give guidance and recommendation for the new project proposal based on the findings of the evaluation.

The evaluation should cover all activities within the project "Training of trainers".

The consultant would implement the following activities :

•  Conduct desktop analysis and literature review
•  Conduct field visits to key stakeholders, community members and project participants 
•  Preparation of the report and draft submission
•  Review and feedback on the report
•  Final submission of the End of Project Evaluation Report

Expected outputs :

The final report shall be written in English & Arabic and has – as a minimum – to include the following contents : (due after a week after the end of the contract)

(a)  Key data of the evaluation: see above "inception report".
(b)  Executive summary : a tightly drafted, to-the-point, free-standing document (about 5 pages), including the key issues of the evaluation, main analytical points, conclusions, lessons learnt and recommendations.
(c)  Introduction : purpose of the evaluation, evaluation scope and key questions. Short description of the project | programme to be evaluated and relevant frame conditions.
(d)  Evaluation design | methodology | work plan.
(e)  Key results | findings*: with regard to the questions pointed out in the TOR | inception report (including project and context analysis).
(f)  Conclusions* based on evidence and analysis.
(g)  Recommendations* regarding future steps | activities | follow-up – carefully targeted to the appropriate audiences at all levels, relevant and feasible (if possible for each conclusion a recommendation).
(h)  A final presentations on the findings and recommendations of the evaluation.
(i)  Lessons learnt* (generalizations of conclusions applicable for wider use).
(j)  Annexes (ToR, list of persons | organisations consulted, literature and documentation consulted etc.).

Budget :

A detailed budget is to be presented in the tender.

How to apply : Please send your CV to   This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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